6 ways that to Grow Chillies below Corn For quick harvest

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How to plant intercropping currently has become one in all the trends that will already be acquainted with in the world of agriculture. one in all them is growing chili below corn.
This cultivation technique is usually named as intercropping wherever in one land is planted over one variety of plant in one high planting amount. The advantage of victimization intercropping (intercropping) is that you just can get harvests from 2 kinds of plants in one planting amount.

Even so, the danger of failure in cultivation is additionally comparatively giant. Therefore, before deciding to try and do intercropping cultivation, you want to 1st understand the techniques and techniques. one in all the foremost common kinds of intercropping plants is corn and chili.
As a preferred agricultural goods and has high value, then if you wish to undertake to cultivate each, we’ve got summarized the subsequent. Chili and corn plants square measure terribly appropriate if full-grown intercropping, as a result of each square measure kinds of plants that come back from completely different families.

Where one in all the necessities in planting intercropping is that the variety of plants that are planted should come back from plants with completely different families. If it’s still in one family, it’s feared that the unfold of unwellness and pests and also the risk of failure are going to be bigger.

On this occasion, we are going to offer data on a way to Grow Chillies below Corn that may be done by cultivation like plants generally, the stages of planting square measure as follows:

Prepare planting land
The initial stage in planting chilies below corn is to arrange planting land. The trick is to hoe the planting land employing a hoe or may use the assistance of a plow. Next build beds with a dimension of one meter and length adjusted to the realm of land, or the perfect size is one meter by ten meters.

The beds ought to have a perfect height and distance, that is concerning thirty cm for the peak of the beds, and 0.5 meters for the space between the beds. The beds should be leveled so created a planting hole with a distance fifty|of fifty} × 50 cm which can be used as corn. additionally, add manure into every planting hole. After that, it’ll be able to plant the chili plants.

Sowing Hot Pepper Seeds
Chili seeds should be seeded 1st in order that plants will grow uniformly like a way to Grow aquicultural Tomatoes and the way to Grow Tomatoes during a Polybag. additionally, by planting hot pepper seeds, the plants are going to be a lot of elastic once transferred to the sector in order that the danger of life is going to be higher.

Chilli seeds in seedlings by planting hot pepper seeds into polybags that are crammed victimization planting media within the variety of soil and manure or compost mixed. The seeds used should even be of top quality in order that the seeds’ ability to grow and germinate is high.

Embed the seeds into a polybag then place it during a shady location however still exposed to daylight. however, to stimulate germination, the highest of the polybag is roofed with straw, when 3-5 days the quilt is opened in order that the sprouts that grow don’t expertise etiolation and grow sturdy and durable.

Moving Chillies to Planting Lands
In the intercropping system, corn plants are planted next to chilies. wherever when the corn is planted on location, the proper and left sides are planted with chilies.
Planting distance between corn and hot pepper plants is around fifty cm. this wide distance in order that later once the hot pepper plants grow branches or cover doesn’t interfere with the expansion of corn plants and contrariwise.

On planting land should even be created by planting holes. solely then will hot pepper seeds be planted within the planting hole. The trick is to get rid of the polybag plastic so plant the seedlings into the planting hole at the side of the soil, attempt to get the full root embedded within the underwater.

The necessary issue to try and do when the hot pepper seedlings square measure planted below a corn plant is that you just should water. particularly at the start of the initial hot pepper seedlings were transferred to the planting space.
The plant should be moire a minimum of double every day and might be accumulated if the conditions and weather square measure hot. Conversely, if the weather is rainy or high wetness, there’s no ought to do watering any longer.

Chili plants that square measure planted below corn should even be weedless or clean of worrying weeds. as a result of if not, it’s feared that the expansion of weeds can disrupt the expansion of hot pepper plants. Weeding is done by actuation weeds that grow around the corn and chili plants often.

Fertilization is one in all the necessary stages within the maintenance and care of hot pepper plants that square measure planted below corn. In one fertilization you may be able to at the same time fertilize 2 plants wherever nutrients are absorbed by the hot pepper plant and additionally the corn plant.

Therefore chili plant fertilizers use nitrogen-containing fertilizers like inorganic fertilizers that use carbamide fertilizer, why carbamide fertilizer is extremely necessary for plant growth. as a result of it’ll add N nutrients required by plants.

Those square measure some steps or a way to Grow Chillies below Corn that you just ought to understand before making an attempt to plant intercropping. Hopefully, this text will assist you in innovating agriculture and farming. Happy agriculture and many thanks.

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