Benefits of herb Gedebog for Plant Fertilizers

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One of the efforts to enhance the morbid soil or revive dead soil is to use a herb trunk. It’s around our surroundings, cheap, economical and really straightforward to try to to. every type of banana trees are often used as fertilizer.

A Good method of Composting
The type of banana stone is the best for composting. however, in essence, it depends on the temperament and energy to method the method. though herb trunks typically become compost if left dormant and decay.

But the composting method can run quicker if the banana stems area unit cut smaller 1st. as a result of it’ll take longer tho’ it are often left within the sort of logs. however, the part is enriched if the compost is mixed with different components.

Therefore an oversized enough land is required for composting. otherwise, you will make the most of different land if there’s round the processed Pisan garden. as a result of it takes a hole within the ground is often used as an area for the composting method.

Although it may use the structure of the land around the banana garden. do not forget to shut the composting method exploitation plastic cloth.

Making method
For the producing method is extremely straightforward, the steps area unit as follows:

Use a knife to cut banana trunks that area unit structured one by one. The enumeration doesn’t have to be compelled to be soft as long because the size is ten to fifteen cm. this is often to facilitate combination with different compost materials.

Mix the manure or agricultural waste with the sliced banana stems. don’t be concerned it’s arduous to induce it as a result of all agricultural waste are often accustomed combine it with banana stems.

In order to provide good composting, the blending method should be uniform. cf. the supply of compost material in banana plantations that should meet horses in regarding one month.

The composting method for one month can show the amendment in color and contour of blending banana stems. For composting to be quicker, the blending method should be done moreover as attainable.

Before planting, unfold the blending method to the sector one week before. conjointly calculate the land demand for regarding ten banana trees that may use one hour angle of land. do not forget that the mixed water containing biomatter is unfold to sufficient land.

Fair Failure
Usually, farmers WHO haven’t however treated banana trees to their land are stunned and raise queries. ranging from the amazement of the land is totally different, additional loose, etc. There also are farmers WHO complain of urge throughout the planting method.

It’s okay, it is a positive reaction that the natural mechanism is emotional poisons that exist on the land. For farmers WHO feel itchiness, wash feet with soap and rinse with water, the itchiness can disappear by itself.

But feel the advantages of sliced banana trees, are:

Cool the soil or land.
Neutralize artificial chemical poisons in keep soil.
Rich in nutrients: Ca (calcium), P (phosphate), K (potassium) and micronutrients and bio-enzymes.
Inviting smart small organisms to decompose organic matter.
Invite earthworms and eels. though earthworms are often cultivated

Banana trees aren’t solely the fruit is often consumed and also the leaves as food wrappers. however, the stem may be used once being deep-fried and hamper. It seems that banana stems are often processed into compost.

That is the good thing about the banana stem that may still be used once being deep-fried or hamper. Besides having the ability to be processed into compost, banana stems are often a medium for eels that area unit a definite advantage. that is what we’d like to grasp besides bananas that may be consumed or the leaves as food wrappers.

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