Complete Literature of Bisi-18 Super Hybrid Corn Cultivation

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Super Hybrid Corn thus most farmers concern types of maize varieties that area unit quite acknowledge and supply a replacement color of maize cultivation inland. This super hybrid corn is that the results of one cross with a method of choice and adaptation to the surroundings in order that its many benefits.

This seed comes from one in every of the well-known seed producers within the country, PT. BISI International Tbk that was free in 2011 with the aim of returning to spoil and cause optimism for corn farmers in increasing the productivity of corn crops within the country.

This corn has many benefits including; appropriate for cultivation within the lowlands to the highlands to AN altitude of one,000 m higher than water level, features a height reaching 230 cm with an outsized stem, durable and upright, immune to major styles of maize unwellnesss like leaf rust unwellness (Puccinia sorghi) and blight (Helminthosporium maydis) , features a comparatively massive growth of cob with an even growth with the potential yield of corn will reach twelve tons / area unit of dry shelled rice and therefore the yield of cob reaches around eighty-three higher and comparatively short harvest amount (physiological cooking) aged around 100-125 days.

Super Hybrid Corn Cultivation
As for the cultivation of super-hybrid corn that include:

Growing needs
As we tend to understand that hybrid maize is sweet at low to high land. To additional maximize the expansion of corn and turn out, essentially corn plants want fertile, loose soil and contain numerous organic matter. At the optimum height between five0-600 m sign language with the best temperature of 21-34 ° C and a degree of acidity (pH) between 5.6-7.5 and therefore the condition of the land isn’t flooded.

Land Management
It can be started by turning over the soil to urge loose soil structure for corn plants, by employing a hoe or plow to level, smoothing at a depth of 15-20 cm. ensuing step is to form beds with a breadth of 25-30 cm, a depth of twenty cm and each distance of three meters an emptying channel is formed on the rows of plants.

Aiming to neutralize soil acidity (pH), this can be vital to facilitate plants in taking numerous soil nutrients that area unit sure thanks to acidic soil. Giving the quantity of lime around 1-2 tons / 2-3 years by unfold equally or in rows of plants.

Basic Fertilization
Given once activities area unit allotted within the planting media process activities it aims to make sure the supply of nutrients that area unit decent at the start of the corn plantations by providing a plant food quantity of 1-2 tons/area unit

highly counseled to be done at the start of the time of year or at the tip of the season, this aims to forestall the plants from researching a drought section. Use a spacing of seventy-five x twenty-five cm with a depth of 3-5 cm by getting into two seeds/holes, then lined once more with soil.

Weeding and Soaring
aims to clear the land of pests or weeds as a pesaiang in taking nutrients within the soil. Weeding is completed every two weeks by employing a hand or tiny hoe or victimization herbicides. Soil is usually allotted in conjunction with weeding activities aimed toward strengthening the position of the trunk, in order that the plant doesn’t fall simply once the plant is six weeks previous at the time of fertilization.

Super Hybrid Corn Fertilization
Doses of fertilizing corn for every area unit organic compound plant food the maximum amount as 200-300 metric weight unit, TSP / SP thirty-six plant food the maximum amount as 75-100 metric weight unit, and KCl plant food the maximum amount as 50-100 metric weight unit.

Fertilization is allotted in 3 stages including; the primary stage is basic plant food, i.e. plant food is given at an equivalent time as planting. within the second stage (supplementary plant food I), plant food is given when the corn plant is 3-4 weeks previous when planting. within the third stage (supplementary plant food II), plant food is given when the corn plant is eight weeks previous or when raceme comes out.

Watering and Watering
After the corn seed has been planted, it ought to be allotted with decent watering activities except once the soil is damp. Watering is then given sufficiently this, getting to keep the plant from weakening. however, before the flowering plants, the water required is larger in order that it has to flow water into the corn plant trenches.

Corn Pests and Diseases
Pests that area unit common or typically attack area unit pests such as; seed flies, cutting caterpillars and alternative styles of diseases such as; mildew, leaf spot unwellness, rust disease, scorched unwellness, and seed rot unwellness.

Control of pests and diseases of maize plants is usually done by victimization chemicals that area unit pesticides to regulate pests and fungicides for styles of maize plant diseases by spraying them.

Super Hybrid Corn gather
Corn plants are often harvested once the corn is previous, this plant is often harvested at the age of 100-125 days when planting. Corn that may be harvested is dry, onerous and glossy seeds. gather is completed by selecting or turning it to interrupt the corn stalk

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