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The cultivation of corn is incredibly clear, considering that this plant could be a staple cluster in many regions in the Republic of Indonesia. For cultivation of plants isn’t troublesome if we tend to plant within the garden. Consumption of corn fruit, virtually everybody has felt it, processed this fruit a great deal like creating jasuke (soy milk corn) and different kinds of preparations. If you would like to cultivate it in your home, there are many techniques in order that the cultivation you employ produces a lot of fruit.

For cultivation and this method, you’ll apply to different corn planting. Why not? Maize is simply totally different varieties, though there are many ways in which, perhaps the distinction isn’t so much, as an example, you may grow sweet corn, baby corn, colorful corn, hybrid corn, corn a pair of and different kinds of corn. I do not prefer to beat around the bush, however, you have got to grasp it. however, would I make a case for fully if this text is simply a little? this text is very long thus let’s start.

Choosing Varieties (Corn Seeds)
In the world of agriculture can’t be separated within the choice of fine varieties. the great news is that you simply do not have to trouble creating or selecting the required seeds. you’ll get sensible seeds at the closest farming retailers, they supply seeds like hybrid seeds, sweet corn and different kinds of seeds. you’ll conjointly order corn seeds from native farmers or on-line farm retailers. Calculate the seeds you wish.

Land Cultivation and Clean Weeds within the Field.
Land could be a condition that has got to be thought-about within the cultivation of corn plants, this determines the expansion of corn that we are going to grow. ensure the soil that you simply are planting corn should be extremely fertile and contains a lot of nutrients. Corn is classed in plants that don’t seem to be fussy they’ll be planted in components of andosols, latosols or grumosols, and different soil sorts. pH scale appropriate for corn five.6 – 7.5. ensure a number of the land that’s around America is consummated, and if you have got simply unfolded the land then we tend to should do the chemical and land 1st. 1st examine the fertility of the soil that you simply have if you are feeling it lacks nutrients and there’s no dirt, I recommend once you build beds unfold scattered manure on the land.

Planting Corn within the Field
I assume you have got already obtained superior sorts of seeds and land management has been dispensed. the foremost appropriate conditions for growing corn on wet soil conditions, not too muddy and not too dry. typically native farmers use a spacing of one hundred cm x forty cm and provides a pair of seeds to 1 planting hole. For the depth of the planting hole, you’ll use 3-5 cm.

Apply chemical to the corn plant
The first few components {we will|we’ll|we are going to} offer to fertilize corn plants are basic fertilizers, typically basic fertilizers that are given within the kind of organic fertilizers like manure, compost and different kinds of organic fertilizers. Then your corn plants can absorb a number of the weather required for them to grow giant, these parts like phosphorus, atomic number 7 and K that are a lot of required within the growth section and later once throughout fertilization.

Raising Corn till harvest
This stage is so a bit proud and you may smile a bit as a result of your corn is flourishing. within the initial method the seeds are furnished food on the sprouts, and when they grow and once these plants approach growing up they trust heavily on food accessible within the field. Not solely that corn plants also can be attacked by plant pests and will be a bit inconvenient once you plant them.

I admit that the upkeep method isn’t as simple as what I write at this point, however you have got a plan for maintenance. In its maintenance, many stages like replanting, thinning, fertilizing, watering and fertilizing sususlan.

Do it if you would like to ascertain corn that’s scrawny growth and replace it with a replacement plant. Do the sewing to not be late, you have got one week and no more than one week.

Do cutting and still management of your corn plants. For cutting is typically done on corn that is one week recent.

Perform pembubunan by dig a ditch between the beds and also the soil behind the roots of the plant. this can be meant in order that corn plants don’t simply fall and build corns a lot of durable to support the stems and fruit candidates that may grow. The excavation within the trench permits water to enter and also the water is absorbed by plants simply, thus I feel this can be important.

Sprinkle some manure and supply nutrients to the plants, I feel you already perceive in terms of fertilization.

Of course, water is incredibly necessary for corn plants towards the start till later harvest. ensure you perceive this, there are phases of corn that are pretty much in want of water and that they rank it. within the section of flowers can grow around the age of plants 45-55 days when planting and you have got to produce water. In plants before filling the seeds, they’re aged 50-80 days when planting. and that I assume corn desires a lot of water that is incredibly necessary within the flower growth section.

Prevent pests and diseases
When your corn plants grow there’ll be some obstacles. however, I cannot say all regarding pests and diseases to you. Some pests {that typically|that sometimes|that typically} attack corn plants are usually soil caterpillars, grub pests, leaf caterpillars, seed flies, army caterpillars, etc. The unwellness that attacks purple spots, fungi, and rust.

Harvest your corn
Finally, the harvest too, the age of the corn plants that we are going to harvest typically depends on the patron. If you’re targeting baby corn and / or feed corn or perhaps for consumption, please select this harvest. typically these plants will seed at the age of flowering before that you simply got to have a target of what you would like to create corn. I like to recommend that you simply harvest not too long if this happens several seeds are broken.

Another factor you’ll do is to envision the maturity of the corn kernels, simply peel the present semple. Do the denudation of corn by viewing the seeds given that it feels right and desired by you, then you’ll harvest.

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