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Organic sweet corn cultivation techniques to supply associate ample harvest is by doing land management, choice of quality seeds, plant maintenance, and hindrance of assorted pests and diseases. this text can discuss these stages one by one. however 1st we have a tendency to should apprehend what sweet corn is.

Sweet corn or referred to as cereal grass Saccharata in Latin, is one sort of corn that’s a lot of in demand by the general public. as a result of this sort of sweet corn is simpler to consume, simply boil it or burn it, you’ll be able to get pleasure from sweet corn. what is a lot of, this sweet corn will be used jointly resolution for folks that have a life-style by overwhelming low-calorie sugar?

Corn plant is actually no interloper to the community. a way to cultivate it’s quite straightforward, even much easier than the cultivation of chili or tomatoes. Cultivating organic sweet corn has several blessings, as a result of additionally to sweet corn will be used as a supply of low-calorie sugar, it seems that sweet corn conjointly has high supermolecule levels. So, this sweet corn will be used as a substitute for rice or wheat as a daily staple food. Therefore, it’s natural that the general public demand for sweet corn consumption is kind of high.

The previous article mentioned a way to simply grow corn from seeds. however to cultivate organic sweet corn, after all the steps taken don’t seem to be haphazard. want some special techniques so the cultivation of sweet corn will be ample. the subsequent can justify the success tips of organic sweet corn cultivation for associate ample harvest.

Steps for Organic Sweet Corn Cultivation
Terms for growing organic sweet corn cultivation
Organic sweet corn plants don’t seem to be troublesome to cultivate. Organic sweet corn encompasses a fairly high level of adaptation, which may be cultivated each within the lowlands associated highlands like in mountainous areas with an altitude of 1800 m on top of water level. Even sweet corn also can be cultivated within the highlands of the mountains that have associate altitude of concerning 3000 m on top of water level. Soil conditions required in theory that encompasses a pH scale level of concerning 5-8. It ought to even be ensured that the sweet corn soil contains comfortable nutrients, particularly the high content of metal, Nitrogen, and Phosphate.

Selection of sweet corn seeds
At this stage, corn farmers should be observant in selecting the corn seeds to be planted. the choice of corn seeds is extremely cogent on the results obtained later. the chosen corn seeds should be healthy, non-disease-grade and high-quality corn seeds. If you’re a beginner corn farmer, you’ll be able to attempt selecting sweet corn seeds from corn farmers World Health Organization square measure skilled and have expertise in corn cultivation. the simplest planting technique won’t work if the seeds used square measure defective and not of top quality.

Organic sweet corn cultivation
The next step is to organize land or media for planting sweet corn seeds. Preparations that require to be created embody the following:

Land is hoped before use, therefore the soil becomes loose. when the hoe, leave the bottom for concerning 5-7 days to aerate.

Clean weeds that return hooked up to the bottom.

If your land encompasses a high acid content, that is a smaller amount than pH scale five, you’ll be able to add dolomite lime to the soil before use. The dose required is as an example for 2 hectares of land, the employment of lime dolomite is just about one ton.

Add manure, as an example Bokashi, to extend soil fertility than that the soil contains enough nutrients like metal, Nitrogen, and Phosphate.

If the land you’re exploitation may be a former field, then you’ll be able to directly plant the sweet corn seeds, and ensure you create smart emptying so the land isn’t flooded otherwise you also can use a raised bed system. to assist emptying systems toward land. Beds will be created with a dimension of roughly one meter, and a length of between 20-30 cm.

Make a planting hole with a depth of roughly five cm, and make certain to regulate the space between one hole to a different. the perfect distance to plant sweet corn seeds is just about between 50-70 cm between holes so the corn plant will develop higher. In theory, ideally for one area unit of land will manufacture thirty-four,000-36,000 plants.

Planting method
Planting sweet corn seeds ought to be done at the start of the season so as to get comfortable irrigation. However, if you wish to plant it within the season, ensure that the irrigation arrangements will run optimally. a way to plant sweet corn seeds will be done by getting into 1-2 corn seeds within the planting hole that has been created. Then, cowl the outlet exploitation compost, as an example Bokashi, and provides comfortable irrigation. Ideally, for one area unit of land needs concerning eight kilograms of sweet corn seeds.

Maintenance stage
After the sweet corn seeds square measure planted, the upkeep part must be allotted so the sweet corn seeds that are planted develop optimally. the upkeep part will be allotted with the subsequent process:

The stage of replanting this plant will be done by checking directly the corn seeds that are planted for about one week to confirm that the corn seeds square measure growing well. additionally, you furthermore may got to check if there square measure corn seeds that can’t grow properly, you wish to drag them out and directly replace them with new sweet corn seeds so corn growth is a lot of uniform.

At this stage, you’ll be able to weed the plants when the corn seeds square measure period of time recently. you are doing this by improvement weeds or weeds that grow around corn plants. as a result of weeds that grow wild will interfere with the expansion of sweet corn seeds. If you wish to supply organic sweet corn, it’s smart if weed improvement is completed naturally exploitation your hands and not exploitation pesticides.

In addition to improvement weeds that grow, at this stage you’ll be able to conjointly do the method of affixing, that is that the method of adding soil mounds on the corn stalks and roots so the stems and corn roots square measure stronger. This stage aims to forestall corn plants from collapsing simply. This affixing stage you’ll be able to do once the age of the plant has reached one month.

The watering stage is additionally necessary to keep up soil wetness and forestall plants from drying out. you’ll be able to do the watering method every few days. particularly if you’re planting seeds within the season, the watering method is significant to listen to so the corn plant will grow optimally and not be wanting water.

Fertilization is a very important step to be allotted besides the steps on top of it. even supposing fertilization has been done at the start of the planting amount, even when the corn has fully grown you want to still offer chemical so corn plants don’t lack nutrients like atomic number 7, Potassium, and Phosphate which may be obtained through chemical. Fertilizers which will be used as an example Bokashi manure. This fertilization method is allotted when the corn is 2 months recent.

Pest and malady management
Control of pests and diseases conjointly got to be done to forestall your corn plants from pests and diseases which will cause corn growth isn’t best. If your corn plant has been contaminated with pests and diseases, you wish to try to to the wipeout of pests properly. Here square measure some kinds of pests and diseases that usually attack corn plants:

Corm caterpillar tormenter
Pests that usually attack corn cobs. This tormenter will be prevented by process it higher so the emergence of those cobs caterpillars will be decreased for consequent planting amount.

Fleas that attack the corn leaves by removing a sort of condensation on the corn leaves that causes the corn leaves to show black. the tactic of wipeout is to use natural enemies, particularly Coccinella sp, Miscraspis sp, and Lysiphlebus mirza.

Stem borer
Pests within the sort of larvae that attack the stems of corn plants by uptake corn stems. a way to management will be done by doing crop rotation. Or it may even be through with natural annihilation by utilizing its enemies, particularly Trichrogamma spp or Euborellia annulata.

Pests that square measure usually found in rice fields or pastures. a way to stop it will be done exploitation natural enemies, particularly birds or spiders.

This tormenter typically seems within the former paddy fields of corn. a way to stop this is often by looking rats within the nest so the rats don’t multiply a lot of.

Caucasian malady
This malady typically attacks the leaves of corn and is characterized by the looks of streaks and discoloration of corn to yellow. although it’s already severe, corn leaves will be brown. This malady typically arises attributable to planting out of season. a way to stop it’s by doing the proper planting amount, doing crop rotation, and selecting corn seeds that square measure immune to malady.

Rusty malady
This malady seems marked by orange or chromatic boils on the leaf surface. Rust malady will develop in temperatures of 16-23 ° C and high wetness. a way to stop it’s to decide on sweet corn seeds that square measure immune to malady, habitually do land clearing, and lookout properly.

The harvest amount of organic sweet corn
After the corn has undergone an amount of excellent planting and maintenance, the corn will be harvested when the corn is around 65-75 days recent. a way to harvest it’s by turning the sweet corn cobs to be separated from the stem. the remainder of this corn harvest will really be used for different things. as an example of corn stalks, you’ll be able to use it as an alternative to animal feed or an alternate to fuel for preparation.

Those square measure some steps that you simply got to do to cultivate sweet corn organically with associate ample harvest. additionally, it seems that by overwhelming sweet corn will offer varied health advantages, including:

Fight cancer
Sweet corn plants square measure believed to contain synthetic resin acids and ferulic compounds that square measure malignant neoplasm substances, so that they will stop the emergence of tumors and carcinoma cells and cancer of the liver.

Source of polyunsaturated fatty acid
Linoleic acid is associated with unsaturated carboxylic acid that’s required by the body to keep up health, increase organic process intake, and is employed as transportation of viosterol within the body.

Prevents anemia and maintains immunity
Sweet corn plants contain antipernicious anemia factor that is kind of high, thus it will stop anemia because of lack of consumption of vitamin B. additionally, vitamin B also can facilitate maintain immunity so it doesn’t simply fall unwell.

Potassium supply
Potassium may be a mineral that’s required by the body, and therefore the mineral will be obtained by overwhelming sweet corn. metal serves to control fluid levels within the body, maintain balance, overcome tract infections, stop urinary calculus malady, and scale back acid levels.

Source of fiber
Sweet corn is thought of as a food that contains high enough, so it will facilitate biological process health, stop hemorrhoids, stop constipation, and forestall the danger of carcinoma. additionally, the fiber in sweet corn will offer a longer-lasting feeling of fullness, thus this sweet corn is extremely appropriate to be used as food for dieters.

Source of supermolecule
In a hundred grams of corn, there square measure typically nine.2 grams of supermolecule. supermolecule in sweet corn serves to boost cell performance within the body, facilitate the formation of the latest muscle tissue, increase immunity, and increase internal secretion levels within the body.

The benefits obtained from the consumption of sweet corn are literally more. Therefore, you do not get to hesitate any longer to consume this sweet corn. as a result of addition to having the ability to extend the coffers of your financial gain, corn really conjointly contains a range of vitamins and minerals which will offer health advantages for the body.

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